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Tequila Blanco, also known as "silver" or "white" tequila, is an unaged tequila. Unlike other forms of tequila such as reposado and añejo. Tequila Blanco is unaged tequila, which some believe gives the purest expression of agave's natural flavor and clearly captures the terroir of the region where the blue agave was grown.

Some producers choose to rest the tequila in steel tanks for less than two months to allow the flavors to settle a bit across batches before dispensing into individual bottles. But even this slight delay leaves most of the lively, young, fiery flavors intact.

Tequila Blanco has a clean, spicy taste with notes of agave and a clear color. It is often the purest high-alcohol flavor of tequila, and typically has an alcohol percentage of around 40%. Since Tequila Blanco is not aged, it is also the most neutral form of tequila and is often used in cocktails such as the Margarita. It can also be enjoyed neat or over ice.

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