strawberry margarita

Strawberry Margarita

This homemade strawberry margarita recipe is made with fresh strawberry, lime juice, sugar or agave syrup, orange liqueur and tequila. We love a good refreshing margarita, and while a classic simple margarita with fresh limejuice is a good drink, we sometimes feel for a more fruity variation of this delicious cocktail. This strawberry margarita is not frozen and must be served on ice.

Strawberry Margarita Recipe

The great thing about making your own cocktails is that you can tweak them to suit your taste. If you want it stronger, add more alcohol. Sweeter? Add more agave syrup. Use our recipe as a guide to make your perfect Strawberry Margarita.


  • 3PCS fresh strawberry - approx. 40 grams
  • 5cl 100% Agave Tequila
  • 3cl freshly pressed limejuice
  • 2cl agave syrup
  • 1cl orange liqueur

Strawberry Margarita step by step

Can I use frozen berries?

Yes, but then you have to mix your drink instead of shaking it and you will get a frozen margarita and not a regular one. We don't like frozen so much as we like to keep it simple, but if you go with frozen berries, just mix everything + ice in a blender and blend until you achieve the desired consistency. If you are looking for one Frozen Margarita recipe you can follow step by step, so press the link.

Make your Strawberry Margarita healthier.

A healthy margarita is just a regular margarita, but without the sweetener, in this case without the agave. Follow the recipe as written, but omit the agave for an illuminated version. We like to add extra lime juice maybe one more strawberry when we make it without the sweetener to give it a little extra flavor.


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