Drinks with ice

On this page you will find all our content verbatim ice is included in the.

The basic 3 types of ice and their use for cocktails and drinks.

  1. Crushed ice
  2. Ice cubes
  3. Clear blocks of ice

Before we go through the 3 types of ice cream, let's give you the most important tip of them all.

Always use plenty of ice to both shake with and in your glass.

Artificial ice cream is good to blend with. In drinks, it works well if you need to quickly cool down your drink, however, it also dilutes your drink the fastest, as the liquid in your drink and spilling onto the ice is large.

Ice cubes provides slower dilution in your drink. The larger the ice cubes, the slower it is with both cooling and drainage.

Clear blocks of ice burges at the cocktail bar, often used for alcoholic cocktails which should be enjoyed slowly, clear ice is also a sign of pure water and thus does not affect the taste of your drink.

We would also recommend always shaking with ice cubes and preferably as little fragile ice cubes as possible. Places we buy good ice cream are istifest.dk they have both good ice cubes in large and small portions. Some supermarkets and kiosks also have ice cream, but the quality varies so you had to test it out. However, try to avoid shaking shakers with ice that you have frozen in ice cubes yourself, making it too fragile.

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