Spicy jalapeno margarita

Spicy jalapeno margarita is an energetic and spicy variation of the classic margarita. This cocktail combines the sharp taste of tequila with the fresh zest of lime, the sweetness of sugar syrup and orange liqueur, rounded off with the distinct heat of jalapeños. This recipe is perfect for those looking for a cocktail with a kick.

Spicy jalapeno margarita recipe

Spicy jalapeno margarita is a perfect cocktail for those who want to combine classic taste with a spicy twist. Its balance between sweetness, acidity and spicy heat makes it an unforgettable experience for the taste buds. This cocktail is ideal to spice up a party or as a refreshing treat on a hot day.


  • 5cl Tequila Blanco
  • 3cl limejuice
  • 2cl sugar syrup
  • 2cl orange liqueur
  • 2 writes fresh jalapeno

Spicy jalapeno margarita

Spicy jalapeno margarita Serving tips

For an extra beautiful presentation, you can rim the rim of the glass with salt mixed with a little chili powder to add further depth to the cocktail's flavor profile.

Adjust the amount of jalapeño to your taste to control the cocktail's spiciness level. More slices or a little of the seeds will intensify the heat.


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