tequila sour

Tequila Sour

This Tequila sour is known for its creamy foam on top and is very reminiscent of one margarita on ice. Shake well lime juice, tequila, agave, egg white and angostura together and you have a Tequila cocktail that visually impresses!

Tequila Sour recipe

This cocktail recipe also includes orange bitters, but if you didn't have the chance to get your hands on it, you can leave it out.


  • 5cl Tequila Blanco
  • 3cl limejuice
  • 2cl agave syrup
  • 1cl egg white
  • 2 dash angostura bitters Orange

Tequila Sour

Tequila sour dry shake

Sour cocktails can be made with all kinds of basic spirits – rum, whiskey, gin, vodka. Even amaretto sour which is a very well-known sour drink! When you take a sour drink and shake it with egg whites, you end up with a soft and fluffy meringue that adds a beautiful finish like whipped cream on top of a milkshake. The reason why we dry shake when there are egg whites in a cocktail is to get better foam, but you can achieve fine foam without dry shaking.


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