Tequila sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

You don't need any special skills to make “Tequila sunrise”, it's a very simple drink that you build in the glass. However, it is important that you use good tequila 100% agave, freshly pressed orangejuice and most importantly homemade grenadine syrup. Alternatively, you can buy a grenadine that is made as naturally as possible.

Tequila Sunrise recipe

We know that during your weekdays, you have gotten too drunk on this Tequila Sunrise (psst we have too). Then do yourself the favor of using home-made pomegranate syrup (granedine), freshly squeezed orange juice and, of course, Tequila, which is produced on 100% Agave. Then we promise you that you can rediscover the love for this wonderful drink.


  • 5cl Tequila Blanco
  • 12cl freshly pressed orangejuice
  • 2cl homemade grenadine syrup
  • Garnish with orangeslice and a cherry

Tequila sunrise 5 steps

If Tequila Sunrise is a little too sweet for your taste, try it with a little lime or lemon juice. This can balance the taste without compromising the look and taste of the drink.


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Tequlia sunrise drink recipe with grenadineTequlia sunrise drink recipe with cherries

Recipe for Grenadine for your Tequila Sunrise

Grenadine is pomegranate which is non-alcoholic and therefore adds sweetness to balance the tart juice. It's so thick that when poured, it sinks to the bottom of the glass and slowly rises up, just like a sunrise. There of the name "Tequila Sunrise" You make your own Grenadine by

  1. – Boil the seeds from 2 pomegranates and 2 dl of white sugar together on a low heat.
  2. - In approx. 20 – 30 min until the sugar has dissolved and the juice extracted from the pomegranate seeds.
  3. – Smoke and mash the mixture a little to release the liquid
  4. – Strain the liquid into the bottle You can also try this recipe
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