Drinks with syrup

On this page you will find all our content verbatim syrup is included in the.

There are many syrups (sweeteners) in the cocktail world and we understand if you can get confused. Sometimes the same syrup is referred to in different ways. The most common syrup is sugar syrup, also called gomme or simple syrup. It consists of white sugar dissolved in water and is very easy to make yourself.

Our recipe for a sugar syrup is 175 grams of sugar to 200 ml of water.

Other sweeteners that are often used in drinks and cocktails are agave nectar, honey, maple syrup. We will eventually add recipes for different syrups. However, it is important to make a fruit syrup, as mango, raspberry, strawberry syrup in a cocktail does not make sense, as you often achieve greater flavor by using fresh fruit and fruit juice.

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