Drinks with coffee

Coffee and cocktails have long been good friends, and well-known coffee drinks include Espresso Martini, Irish Coffee and White Russian. The coffee flavor is typically added through coffee liqueur, but it is also possible to extract the essential oils and flavor from the coffee by infusing the coffee with alcohol, and tequila in particular is suitable for this purpose. However, we would like to warn that it is not easy to control the process, since you are working with a living product. If you choose to venture into infusing, it requires patience and that you are prepared to go through many trials before your tequila and coffee infusion is sitting right in the cupboard.

A fun fact is that the world's best-selling coffee liqueur, Kahlua, is also produced in Mexico, although the base of Kahlua is rum and not tequila. But it is true that tequila and coffee go very well together, and sooner or later Denmark will also open its eyes to it.

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