Drinks with coffee

On this page you will find all our content verbatim coffee is included in the.

Coffee and cocktails have long been good friends, well-known coffee drinks include Espresso martini, Irish Coffee, White Russian. The coffee flavor is often added via coffee liqueur, but it is also possible to get the essential oils and the flavor out of the coffee by infusing the coffee with alcohol and special tequila is really good for this very purpose. However, we warn you that it is not easy to control the process when you are working with a living product. If you want to start infusing, you must have patience and accept a lot of trial and error before your tequila and coffee infusion goes straight to the cupboard.

A fun fact is that the world's best-selling coffee liqueur, Kahlua, is also produced in Mexico, although the basis of Kahlua is rum and not tequila. But say it again. Tequila and coffee go really well together, and sooner or later Denmark will probably have to look up to it.

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