Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a hot drink known for its smoothness and richness. The cocktail was originally made with hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream. Irish coffee originates from Ireland and is believed to have been invented in the 1940s to warm tired and cold passengers on flights from Shannon Airport.

Irish Coffee recipe

The most important thing to get a good Irish Coffee is to choose a quality whiskey, brew a good coffee and whip the cream lightly so that it creates a contrast to the warm and sweet drink.


  • 4cl whisky
  • 2cl kahlua
  • 6cl freshly brewed coffee
  • 1teaspoon brown sugar/cane sugar
  • 3cl cream
  • A little grated nutmeg

Irish Coffee step by step

4 tips for the perfect Irish Coffee

  1. Make your Irish coffee taste even better with freshly brewed espresso.
  2. Burg a good whiskey to add rich and complex flavors to your cocktails.
  3. If you don't have nutmeg, you can grate dark chocolate, cocoa or cinnamon on top of the whipped cream for extra flavor and decoration for your Irish coffee.
  4. Remember to enjoy your Irish coffee while it's hot, so you get the best flavor experience.

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