Astronaut drink

Take a sip and go on a colorful space journey with our exciting Astronaut Drink! This festive cocktail combines gin, Sprite and grenadine in a refreshing and visually stunning mix. Perfect for any festive occasion, Astronaut Drink brings a bit of playfulness and adventure to your drinking experience. Follow our simple recipe and make your own space-inspired cocktail with an extra touch of fun with Vingumi teddy bears as decorations.

Astronaut recipe

When you set out to make the perfect Astronaut Drink, there are some important things to keep in mind. Firstly, the balance between the ingredients is crucial for the right taste experience. Gin, Sprite and grenadine must be mixed in precise proportions to achieve the desired sweetness and freshness. In addition, careful serving is important – especially when it comes to adding the fun Vingumi teddy bears as a festive decoration. Make sure to serve your Astronaut Drink well chilled, so that it gives you the optimal, refreshing experience.


  • 4cl gin
  • 10cl Booze
  • 3cl grenadine
  • Vingumi teddy bears

Astronaut drink step by step


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