Aperol Spritz

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to welcome the warm weather than with a refreshing Aperol Spritz in hand? This classic Italian cocktail has become a staple for many during the summer months, and for good reason. The combination of Aperol, Prosecco creates a perfect balance between sweetness, bitterness and fizz that is hard to resist.

On this page, we guide you through the process of making the ultimate Aperol Spritz, step by step. From the perfect ratio of ingredients to the right garnish to top it off with, we'll make sure you impress your guests with the perfect summer cocktail.

Aperol Spritz recipe

The Aperol Spritz is a classic Italian cocktail that was invented in the 1920s in the city Padua in Italy. The drink is said to have become popular among soldiers during World War II and since then has been a favorite among Italians and cocktail enthusiasts around the world. The drink is known for its iconic color that comes from the Aperol liqueur and its refreshing taste, perfect for enjoying on a hot summer day.


  • 7cl Aperol
  • 7cl dry prosecco
  • Garnish with orange

Aperol spritz step by step

Variations of the classic Aperol Spritz

The classic Aperol Spritz is a favourite, but there are also many ways to vary the recipe.
Add a splash of grapefruit juice to your Spritz for an extra fresh taste.
Add some fresh strawberries to your Spritz for a sweeter taste.
Add some fresh basil leaves to your Spritz for a spicy kick.
Try different variations and find your favorite.


Tips for serving the perfect Aperol Spritz

To impress your guests with the perfect Spritz, remember these tips:
– Use a large wine glass to serve your Aperol Spritz. It makes room for ice cream and garnishes and also makes it easier to mix the ingredients.
– Use quality ingredients for the best taste. Choose a good Prosecco.
– Add the garnish just before serving to preserve freshness. Cut an orange slice or add some fresh strawberries just before serving.
– Serve your Aperol Spritz very cold. Use plenty of ice cubes, rather than too many rather than too few.


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Aperol Spritz and summer entertainment

Aperol Spritz is the perfect drink to enjoy on a hot summer day and is also ideal for summer entertaining.
– Make a big batch of Aperol Spritz and serve it in a dispenser for a summer party.
– Create an Aperol Spritz bar where guests can mix their own drinks with different garnishes and variations.
– Serve Aperol Spritz as a welcome drink for a summer dinner.


Frequently asked questions about Aperol Spritz

1. How many calories are in an Aperol Spritz?
A single serving of the drink contains approximately 120 calories.

2. Can I use another type of sparkling wine instead of Prosecco?
Yes, you can use another type of sparkling wine, but Prosecco is the traditional wine for the drink.

3. Why is Aperol Spritz so popular?
The drink is popular for its refreshing taste, iconic color and versatility. It is also an easy drink to make, which makes it a favorite among bartenders and consumers in Denmark.

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