Looking for a refreshing and versatile cocktail that never goes out of style? Then you don't have to look any further than a screwdriver. This classic mix has been a popular choice for cocktail enthusiasts around the world for decades, and it's not hard to see why. By combining the simplicity of vodka with the lively flavor of orange juice, the screwdriver is a timeless favorite that can be enjoyed in all seasons. Whether you're hosting a brunch, lounging by the pool, or just want to unwind after a long day, a screwdriver drink is the perfect companion. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and discover a whole new world of cocktail possibilities.

Screwdriver recipe

Når du går i gang med at lave den perfekte Screwdriver, er der nogle ting, du skal være opmærksom på for at sikre en fantastisk smagsoplevelse. Det er essentielt at bruge friskpresset appelsinjuice, da det giver en autentisk, frisk og naturlig smag til drinken. Undgå færdiglavet appelsinsaft, da den ofte mangler ægte friskhed.

When mixing your Screwdriver, you can either shake it with ice in a shaker or simply mix vodka and orange juice in a glass with ice cubes. Both methods work well, but shaking with ice will make for a more chilled and well-mixed drink.


  • 5cl vodka
  • 15cl freshly pressed orangejuice

Screwdriver step by step

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Origin and History of the Screwdriver

The history of the Screwdriver dates back to the 1940s during the American occupation of Germany. American soldiers stationed in Germany used to mix orange juice with vodka to create a refreshing and easy-drinking cocktail. They often used screwdrivers from their toolboxes to stir the drink, which is said to have given the cocktail its distinctive name.

Another theory about the origin says that the name "Screwdriver" comes from oil workers in the United States. They were told to mix their orange juice with vodka using their screwdrivers while working on oil rigs.

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