Elderflower Spritz

Perfect for hot summer days or as a festive welcome drink. Elderflower Spritz is known for its delicate and aromatic taste, which is combined with bubbles from sparkling wine.

We share our best recipe for this classic cocktail and give you tips and tricks to get just the right taste. From making your own elderflower juice to choosing the perfect sparkling wine, we take you through every step to ensure your Spritz is perfectly balanced.

Ready-to-drink alternatives are available, but why not try making your own? It will not only allow you to customize the taste, but also give you a more authentic experience.

So get out your shaker, find your favorite glasses, and let's begin the journey towards the ultimate Elderflower Spritz. Cheers!

Elderflower Spritz recipe

Elderflower spritz is a refreshing cocktail that has gained popularity worldwide. It has its origins in Italy, where it is made by combining elderflower juice with sparkling wine and a spritz of soda or mineral water. This combination creates a light and refreshing drink that is perfect to enjoy on hot summer days or as a festive welcome drink.


  • 3cl gin
  • 3cl elderflowersyrup
  • 12cl prosecco
  • 3cl sparkling water

Elderflower Spritz step by step

How to combine your Elderflower Spritz with different types of food

One of the great benefits of elderflower spritz is its versatility when it comes to food pairing. The light and floral flavor makes it a perfect companion to a wide range of dishes.

If you serve light and fresh dishes such as salads, fish or seafood, Hyldeblomst Spritz will be an ideal companion. The delicate taste and carbonation will enhance the fresh and natural flavors in the food.
If, on the other hand, you serve heavier dishes such as red meat or spicy dishes, Hyldeblomst Spritz can still be a good match. The light and refreshing nature of the spritz will provide a pleasant contrast to the more intense flavors in the food.


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The history and origins of Elderflower Spritz

Elderflower Spritz has a fascinating history and origins. The first known reference to this type of cocktail can be traced back to 19th century Italy. Back then it was known as "Spritz Veneziano" and was typically made with sparkling wine, bitter aperitif and mineral water. Today, the Elderflower Spritz is a popular variant of this classic cocktail that has won international recognition.

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