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Mezcal is a spirit made from fermented, cooked agave hearts. Mezcal can be produced throughout Mexico, but primarily in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Unlike tequila, mezcal can also be made from different types of agave. Mezcal often has a very smoky flavor due to the harvested agave hearts (also known as pinas) roasted using the heat of a firewood plant. It gives mezcal its characteristic smokiness and rich, complex flavor.

Mezcal is often used as a substitute for tequila in cocktails and drinks, but it should be used with caution due to its strong flavor. It can give a cocktail a unique and exciting taste experience, but it can also dominate the taste and drown out the other ingredients in the drink. When using mezcal in a drink, it is therefore important to consider how the smokiness complements or contrasts with the other ingredients in the drink.

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