Sex on the beach

Sex on the Beach is an iconic and popular drink that is loved by many. It is easy to make and can be adapted to your personal taste. This refreshing cocktail is perfect for any festive occasion, whether summer or winter.

There is a story that says the Sex on the Beach cocktail was invented in Florida, USA, in the spring of 1987 when peach liqueur was introduced. Some rumors also suggest that Sex on the Beach was invented by a bartender at Confetti's Bar and gave the drink its name as a salute to the many tourists who visit Florida's beaches every spring. So when you think of Sex on the Beach, you can imagine the many people enjoying life on Florida's beaches.

Sex on the beach recipe

When making the perfect Sex on the Beach cocktail, there are a few things to keep in mind. It is important to find the right balance between sweetness and sourness. It is important to mix the cocktail thoroughly, either by shaking it in a shaker or stirring it gently in the glass. This ensures that all the ingredients are well mixed together and that the flavor is distributed evenly in the drink.


  • 5cl vodka
  • 3cl Cranberry
  • 3cl freshly pressed orange
  • 3cl Pineapplejuice
  • 1.5cl peachliquor
  • 1.5cl blackberryliquor
  • Garnish with a slice of orange

Sex on the beach step by step


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