Pink Lady

The Pink Lady cocktail is a classic that still manages to stay modern and trendy. With its distinctive pink color and delicate flavor profile, this cocktail is a favorite among connoisseurs and casual bartenders alike.

This iconic drink originated in the 1900s and has maintained its popularity ever since. The original recipe includes gin, egg white, grenadine and lemon juice. It is easy to make and can be customized according to personal preferences.

Whether you are a cocktail enthusiast who loves a good classic or an adventurous taste hunter looking for new experiences, The Pink Lady cocktail is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Get ready to enjoy a cocktail experience that will remain a favorite throughout the decades.

Pink Lady recipe

When trying out this Pink Lady recipe, there are a few crucial steps that can make the difference between a great drink and a great experience. Precision in measurement is key, as even small changes can affect the balance between sweetness and acidity. Make sure to shake the cocktail to the right temperature and consistency, and remember to arrange it with elegance.


  • 5cl gin
  • 3cl freshly pressed lemonjuice
  • 2cl grenadine
  • 1.5cl egg white

Pink Lady


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