Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaiian, also known as Blue Hawaii, is an exotic and colorful cocktail that symbolizes tropical relaxation and holiday atmosphere. The drink is known for its characteristic light blue colour, which is often associated with the clear waters of tropical paradises.

Blue Hawaii recipe

The primary ingredients of a Blue Hawaiian are light rum, blue curaçao (an orange liqueur), coconut cream and pineapple juice, creating a sweet and tropical flavor experience.


  • 3cl light Rome
  • 3cl blue curacao
  • 3cl coconutmilk
  • 9cl freshly pressed Pineapplejuice

Blue Hawaii step by step

Tips for serving Blue Hawaii

Often served in a hurricane glass, garnished with a piece of pineapple, an amarena cherry or a small umbrella to enhance the tropical feel.

Variations of Blue Hawaii

Some variations include the addition of dark rum or using different fruit juices such as mango or papaya to create a unique twist.


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The best occasions to enjoy a Blue Hawaii

Perfect for summer parties, pool parties, weddings or any occasion where a festive, tropical atmosphere is desired.

Health benefits about Blue Hawaii

While Blue Hawaiian is primarily a recreational drink, it contains ingredients such as pineapple juice, which is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

The story of Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaiian was first created in 1957 by bartender Harry Yee in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was asked to create a new cocktail that could promote a particular brand of blue curaçao, resulting in this iconic drink.

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