Drinks with orgeat

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Orgeat is a sweet syrup made mainly from almonds, sugar and water. A classic ingredient in tiki cocktails, it adds a wonderful nutty flavor to drinks. Orgeat can also be used in other cocktails where you can add a sweet and slightly nutty flavor to your cocktail.

When using Orgeat in drinks, be careful with the amount as it can be very sweet. It is also recommended to buy a good quality Orgeat, as cheaper alternatives are often made with artificial flavors and additives. In the right amount and quality, Orgeat can add flavor and texture to your cocktails.

It is possible to make an orgeat at home yourself, but it will take some time and patience. The traditional method involves, among other things, soaking chopped almonds in water overnight, then boiling them in syrup and water with a splash of orange blossom water. After mixing and filtering, Orgeat is ready for use. There are several different recipes online and it will be fun to try different varieties and flavors. Always pay attention to hygiene when making Orgeat or other homemade cocktail ingredients.

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