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Polar bear drink

Isbjørn drink is a classic party drink that has been revived as a cult favorite from the 90s. It is known for its sweet and fresh taste of sprite and blue curaçao, and the festive blue color makes it extra eye-catching. The polar bear is perfect for bringing out the nostalgia and has become popular again along with other 90s trends.

The main flavor in the drink is sweetness and freshness, where the alcohol is not dominant. That was one of the reasons for its popularity among young people in discos and bars in the 90s. Along with other 90s classics like Filure, Champagne soda and Kung Fu was the polar bear a regular feature on the drink cards. If you remember the heyday of the Polar Bear, you also know that it was clear to see when you had had enough – it was when the tongue turned blue too!

Polar bear drink recipe

To make a tasty Polar Bear, it is important to serve it ice cold so that it retains its good taste. Feel free to use your funkiest drinking glasses to give it an extra twist. The polar bear is a drink that wants to be seen, so you can also add fun decorations like sparklers to create the perfect atmosphere. So let's bring back some 90s nostalgia and enjoy an ice cold Polar Bear drink with its sweet taste and festive look.


  • 4cl vodka
  • 2cl blue curacao
  • 12cl Booze

Polar bear drink step by step

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